Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Bad Bad Blogger !!!

so so long since I posted again, so much going on especially in the Crafty Cave, lots of lovely phaffing has happened, so I won't twitter on just show you some makes I've done over the past few months for , I've had a fantastic Summer Term on Craft Box DT and I'm extremely proud to be able to say that I've been asked back for the Winter Term ... so here's to some happy phaffing throughout the cold, dark months that lie ahead .. hope you all like them !

Much Love to you all

SuzeJo x

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Hi Everyone ... back again to show you my DT 'makes for The Craft Box for this month.. May's box was titled  'Timeless' which I loved the idea of and the products were just perfect ! ...Enjoy ! xx

I know I shouldn't have a favourite but I do ... I love the D-Day make, full of scraps as well as beautiful products ..such fun to make xx

Second Post of the day !!!!! ... just thought Id 'share some of the makes I've done from the monthly Craft Boxes ... so here goes !

I know I know an awful lot of pics to plough through ... there's more to come later ... believe me you can make heaps of projects from these monthly boxes so pop on over and take a peek at

Well Hello there ..... it's been a whole heap of time since I've blogged ... AGAIN ! .... Time flies past so so quickly, things change in our lives and somehow months have gone zooming by and my poor blog looks abandoned yet AGAIN !
So welcome to 2016 lol .... around Christmas time last year I came across a lovely lady named Anna who had just started a company called The Craft Box ( she had started to put together a monthly box of such goodliness that I couldn't not treat myself each month (well it would of been rude not to) ... to cut a long story short her idea became so so popular (over on Facebook) that Anna put a Design Team call out ... I was lucky enough to be asked to join her DT, so here I'm going to share a pics of what happens each month.

Beautifully wrapped by Anna (and Karen now), stunning products which make gorgeous projects !

Monday, 8 June 2015

Summer Is On It's Way !!!!

Summer Is On It's Way is the title of this post ...well we can only hope so, must say it's been extremely windy here on the East Coast since the start of June so fingers crossed it will soon become a 'flaming' June ..... was pointed in the direction of a lovely challenge incorporation summer as it's theme .... summer = fun to me ... and lazy days (off) doing nothing except watching the world go by ...and this includes the bugs ..they're always busy busy busy ..fascinating little critters here's my make for the challenge over at The Artistic Stamper a 6"x4" canvas.

I've used Brusho's, stencil with texture paste and lots of stamping (bug stamps are from The Artistic Stamper)..... hope you like it !

lots of textures

and fun embellishments

I'm entering this canvas into the challenge over at .....
 http://TheArtisticStamper/Summer Is On It's Way

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

WIP of the week !

I found this tatty old box in the Crafty Cave (think it had candles in orginally) ...have been meaning to do something with it for a while I was sat looking out to sea yesterday (yes I now live by the coast) there were a plethora of butterflies milling round they inspired me to start on this project !

Tatty old box

a Plethora of butterflies !

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

AWOL more !

Yes I've been AWOL for a very long time from this blog.... many things have happened in the time I've been gone and I've had a complete change of lifestyle but I've still been phaffing in The (new) Crafty Cave so I thought I'd just share a few projects that I've worked on.... hope you all like them...and hopefully I shall get to grips with blogland again !

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

2nd Fat Blog of The Day

About a month ago I was asked to join Oak House Studio Design Team ..... well I jumped at the chance I was so excited and the Bossette Lynnda Worsnop quickly put together a box of goodies and gave me a free range to go do 'my best' with the products .... so I've been playing .....




Much fun has been had using all these fab fab products and you can find them here @

     Suzee xx