Sunday, 29 May 2016

Well Hello there ..... it's been a whole heap of time since I've blogged ... AGAIN ! .... Time flies past so so quickly, things change in our lives and somehow months have gone zooming by and my poor blog looks abandoned yet AGAIN !
So welcome to 2016 lol .... around Christmas time last year I came across a lovely lady named Anna who had just started a company called The Craft Box ( she had started to put together a monthly box of such goodliness that I couldn't not treat myself each month (well it would of been rude not to) ... to cut a long story short her idea became so so popular (over on Facebook) that Anna put a Design Team call out ... I was lucky enough to be asked to join her DT, so here I'm going to share a pics of what happens each month.

Beautifully wrapped by Anna (and Karen now), stunning products which make gorgeous projects !